Here some of the Microsoft Outlook’s frequently asked questions are provided which would be very much helpful in understanding the features, properties, and limitation of Outlook. You will get to know how emails works, contacts and calendars are archived and functions.
What are different types of mailboxes?
There are 4 types of mailboxes which are-
1.       User mailbox-it is provided for students, faculty, staff, and affiliates. It has a one-mailbox per person for user mailboxes. This can be used on a day-by-day basis which is accessed by GT account that receives mail addressed to us.
2.       Shared mailbox- it does not has a unique GT account and password but can be used by multiple people. It is used by departments that need generic email addresses but that needs to grant multiple people access to the mailbox. The emails which are sent the shared mailbox is totally separate from the mail in purpose user mailbox.
3.       Resource mailbox- it is also known as room mail box which is used for reserving and coordinating rooms and equipment. When a calendar event is created, you can look at the resource to check its availability.
4.       Service account mailbox- it is very much similar to a user mailbox which has a unique GT account, password, and email address. It should be limited to situations where a username and password is needed. Service account mailboxes are not for employees for personal accounts and are not used in situations where multiple users need to access a mailbox.
How to get back a deleted mail?
If you have a deleted an item from the deleted items folder and you want to retrieve the item, in that case, you have 30 days to retrieve the item from the “recover deleted items” folder before it gets permanently deleted.
How to configure MailTo links to use Outlook?
It can be done by following these steps-
1.       In office outlook, there is a TOOLS menu, click Options and then click the “other tab”.
2.       In general, select “make Outlook the default program for e-mail, contacts, and calendar.
3.       And then apply the new settings.
How to know about email data protections?
If you don’t have any kind of options to forward your emails and have some restrictions then you can only do that you can change your email addresses in the passport. It is your published address. You will receive an email for all GT email addresses. They will be delivered to your 365 or hosted exchange mailbox. If you are the user of office 365 outlook, you can connect with your mobile device.
How to setup Mac Mail for office 365 outlook?
1.       Click on the apple mail icon
2.       Select Exchange as the account provider
3.       Enter your name, primary GT email address, and GT password.
4.       Select the apps you like to use with that account and then click done.
5.       If it is done correctly, your account will be authenticated and launch into apple mail.
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