Best alternative to the Apple iPhone 7

Today the iPhone 7 is very trending world and you know very well about this phone is the wealthy phone. So there is if you are not interested in this phone but you want something like this then we will discuss in this article best alternative of the iPhone 7 and best features of these.
The apple iPhone is very expensive phone for the used and today this is in the trending but another company has the alternative of this phone is just like as the Google, Samsung, one plus, and iPhone is just alternative of this.
Alternatives to the Apple iPhone 7
1-Google Pixel
2- One plus 3T
3- iPhone 6s
4- Samsung Galaxy S7
5- HTC 10
Google Plus:
The Google Plus is very expensive phone because this has the best feature but if we talk about this interface this has the very different interface and operating system also different. The Google Pixel has the price same as the apple iPhone 7 and cost of this is the US $649. And one more thing about this phone the Google designs this phone and pixel is made by the HTC. So this phone is making by the two company pushup. If you want more information and any support just like as the technical support and customer support then you can easily contact us on the iPhone tech support number .
One plus 3T:
The one plus 3T is the very big name with his because this has the best interface and provide the different type of the service and one plus 3T is the startup of the Chinese company. One plus 3T is best Smartphone today and retail price of this is very low something like $435. This phone is based on the Android operating system with the nougat version and camera capacity is very best and taking the battery so battery backup is very excellence. The one plus 3T is bigger phone compare to the iPhone 7. The display size is very large something like the 5.5 inches. And one more thing about this phone the screen of this phone is 27% larger compared to the Apple iPhone 7.
Samsung Galaxy S7:
If we are talking about this phone then this is the amazing phone and great. The interface of the Samsung Galaxy S7 is very cool and this phone is in trending nowadays and this has the android version and cost also is very rare of this phone. If you have any query related to this phone then you can easily visit us on the iPhone support number .


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